In The Know: Let’s explore maths!

In The Know: Let’s explore maths!

In honour of Mathematics Awareness Month happening this month across the pond in the States, we thought we’d bring you a few maths-related opportunities a little closer to home.

Maths Summer School – Queen Mary University London
This non-residential programme is open to all Year 11 students (aged 15-16) and gives young people a glimpse into what studying at university is really like, whilst discovering fascinating aspects of mathematics. Your child would have the opportunity to complete a mini-research project, attend taster lectures and explore the QMUL campus, all whilst also participating in social activities. To find out more and to apply, you can click here.

The King’s Factor Maths Club – King’s College London
King’s College London have set up an exciting initiative that targets A-level students (aged 16-18) studying maths and gives them the means to tackle challenging maths problems and enrich their knowledge. This club is perfect for students who are enthusiastic about maths and want to develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. The sessions take place fortnightly, on Monday and Thursday evenings, so to read more and to register your child, visit their website.

Mathematics: Chaos or Clear Cut? – Villiers Park Educational Trust
This 5-day residential course, open to Year-13 students (aged 17-18) who are studying mathematics, sets out to inspire and challenge young people, whilst mixing with other like-minded students. Experts leading the course will encourage participants to consider how Mathematics can provide answers to nature and the universe! This is done through interactive lectures, discussions and activities. If this is something your budding mathematician would be interested in, find out more here.

GT Scholars runs an after-school tutoring and mentoring programme for students aged 11-16. We tutor young people in Maths, English and Science and help them achieve their aspirations, get into the top universities and enter competitive careers. To find out more, register your interest here.

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