In The Know: Half term activities for young people!

In The Know: Half term activities for young people!

It’s almost half term and most students will be looking forward to taking a break from academia! We have put together a selection of activities that young people can enjoy with their families.

Lab Life- Metropolis: This event is ideal for families with young children under twelve years of age. It gives participants, adults and children alike, an idea of how cities are built by giving them the chance to explore, tinker and create through a variety of facilitated events. The current theme, ‘Metropolis’, is designed to enable exploration of how cities evolve through material, shape and function. Tickets to this event cost £5 per person and are limited in availability. This event is scheduled for the 29th of May. Read more about this event, here.

The Robot Zoo: For those with an interest in zoology or how animals do some of the amazing things that they do, this is a must see. This exhibition features robot animals that are larger than life and have been recreated using everyday machine parts. The aim of the exhibit is to demonstrate how animals hunt, see, eat and hide. Activities include jet-propelled squid racing, designing your own robot mutant creature and shooting a chameleon’s tongue-gun. Tickets to this exhibition cost £4 – £7 per person but there are discounts available for families. The exhibit will run until the 29th of October 2017. For more information, read here.

Science Museum: The Science Museum has several activities planned for attendees during the half term break. Young people can enjoy activities such as simulations of RAF jet fighters, aerial acrobatics, viewing 3D science films, virtual reality trips and building mechanical devices. The museum will stay open until 19:00 during the half term period and entry is free but charges apply for the IMAX 3D Theatre, simulators and for some special exhibitions. Read more about the museum’s activities, here.

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