In The Know: Code Like a Ninja!

In The Know: Code Like a Ninja!

It’s the last day of school for most young people in London and the summer holiday is the perfect time to discover new interests. This week, we’ve listed three activities that promote the development of young people’s coding or software development skills.

CoderDojo: This volunteer-led community aims to offer free programming lessons to young people between the ages of 7 and 17. Individual clubs or Dojos, act independently to offer programming knowledge in an effort to address the global shortage of programmers. Each Dojo has its own rules regarding registration and attendance. To attend, young people need to have a laptop but some Dojos do have spare laptops to lend. For more information, click here

Teens code the collection: The British Museum has a free event scheduled for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15 years of age. Young people will be taught how to create LED badges using the new BBC micro:bit. Creations will be inspired by medals and brooches from the Museum’s own collection. This event will be held on the 5th of August between 11:00 to 1600 at the Samsung Discovery Centre . For more information, click here

Code Academy: This interactive online platform offers free classes in 12 different programming languages. Programming languages that offered include JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, SQL, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP and Python. The site boasts over 25 million users from around the world and has a “Pro” paid option which gives access to learning plans, quizzes, realistic projects and live help from advisors. For more information, click here.

Thinking of what to do next year? The GT Scholars programme is an after-school programme for young people aged 11-16. Our goal is to help young people achieve excellent grades, especially in STEM fields. We’ve still got a few spaces left for young people that want to join GT Scholars next term. If you’re interested, you’ll need to register your interest here or give us a call on 02088168066

PS: ‘In the know’ will be taking a short break from Tuesday 1st August to Friday 25th August as there will be limited availability in the office. You can still reach the office during this period as we’ll still be open during normal office hours Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

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