Join our panel of speakers

Join our panel of speakers

Speaker panel: We hold a range of courses, workshops and events throughout the year and we are always looking for graduates, undergraduates, apprentices and other professionals to share their experiences with our scholarsPanel discussions range include topics such as growth mindset, the value of a degree, apprenticeships, girls in STEM and helping young people develop resilience.

Availability: Most panel sessions are in the evenings or at the weekends but you a few will take place during the day. We aim for a diverse panel and we will often contact you to let you know about upcoming sessions. Panel sessions are usually no more than 3 hours long.

Location: London


  • Be part of a Q&A panel sharing your experiences with young people and parents
  • Be ready to share your personal story and experiences
  • Be willing to be authentic and inspire others to succeed
  • Share your opinion or advice to young people and parents that may be struggling with major decisions
  • Be available for up to 30 minutes after a session to answer questions from audience members

Person specification:

  • Share our organisation’s values and ethos
  • Be personable and honest about your experiences
  • Have personal life experiences that can add value to our young people
  • Be passionate and committed to tackling educational inequality
  • Possess excellent verbal communication skills
  • Be punctual

Additional information: You will not be expected to facilitate the sessions but you will be expected to contribute to the discussion and answer questions from the audience. This is a volunteer role and you may choose to do a one-off panel session or you may choose to sit on the panel as often as you want.

How to apply: Please attach your CV and a short cover letter through our contact form.

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