In the Know: Welcome to the New Academic Year!!

In the Know: Welcome to the New Academic Year!!

The new academic year has begun, and we hope that your child has started to settle in. With all the school runs, homework, and extracurricular activities, we thought we’d share a few fun opportunities that’ll help brighten your day! Read on to find out more!

Applications for our online 1:1 Programmes are open!
We are excited to announce applications for our 1:1 online Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes are now open. As a result of participating in one of our programs, scholars have been able to move up two grade points within a year – from a D-grade to a B-grade! You can find out more and sign up your child for this term by booking a call with the Scholar Success Team!

Discover your Maths Sense!
High school Maths teacher and YouTube star Eddie Woo shares his passion for Maths. In this TedTalk, he explains how Maths is a sense, just like sight and touch, and encourages young people to seek out the patterns around them for a whole new way to see the world. To tune into this TedTalk, click here

Join a Writing Workshop!
Pen to Print is hosting a free online writing workshop for young people of all ages. During this workshop, your child will have the opportunity to meet authors, discover new genres and celebrate the joy of reading. The workshop will take place on, Saturday 17th September, and you can book here.

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