In The Know : Virtual Work Experience Opportunities for the Summer!

In The Know : Virtual Work Experience Opportunities for the Summer!

Can you believe that the Summer break is almost here? It’s the perfect time for you and your child to look into work experience opportunities where they can have fun and gain employability skills at the same time! Here are three great virtual work opportunities for you to look into and share with your child to help them prepare for the future!

Join the digital action programme for young people!
Action for Conservation has just launched WildWEB, a free ongoing digital programme to support young people aged 13-17. This 4 week-long programme explores issues impacting our planet and teaches young people skills such as public speaking, persuasive writing, and filmmaking. You will also learn how to use your resources at home to create your DIY projects. ​The programme is hosted by expert volunteers and special guests and is open to all young people. To find out more click here.

Have a day at the office with Barclays!
Barclays Lifeskills is offering an online interactive activity where young people, aged 14 and up, can experience a day at work. This interactive video gives you insight into what a typical day at work would be like. During the video, you can choose the different options and take a tour through the office with a personal guide. You get to visit the different departments like product development and marketing and have a sit-in with Human Resources. To be a part of this experience, click here.

Sign up for great opportunities with Speakers for School!
Speakers for Schools is a free advertising and application portal where students from any state school aged 14 and up can apply for work experience at leading organisations. If you’d like to apply for an opportunity, a teacher at your child’s school also needs to register with Speakers for Schools to verify the school’s details. The opportunities are focused on helping young people better understand the world of work, gain valuable skills, and develop insights about industries to help prepare them for the future. To sign up click here.

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