In the Know: Unlock 2022 with new skills!

In the Know: Unlock 2022 with new skills!

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a great start to 2022. This week we’re sharing three exciting opportunities that’ll give your child the headstart they need to unlock their potential and get geared for the year ahead. These events include live interaction sessions, coding workshops, and an opportunity to create a vision board for 2022. If this sounds exciting, read on to find out more!

Join Deloitte’s Live Interactive Sessions!
If your child is interested in working at Deloitte, then why not get them to join this free, live interactive session? This event is open to young people of all ages and will introduce them to key skills that’ll take them further in the world of work. They’ll be learning about topics like refining their interview skills, working on their personal brand, and more. The sessions take place from Thursday 20th January, and you can register here

Learn to code your own Superhero!
Microsoft is hosting a free, online workshop for young people aged 8 and up who are interested in coding. This event will teach them to use block coding to create a game with MakeCode Arcade. Your child will learn fundamental game and coding concepts like sprites, variables, and coordinates. They’ll also get to use their new skills to create a superhero. The workshop takes place on Monday 10th January, and you can book here.

Create your own vision board for 2022!
You and your family can enjoy a day together, creating your own vision board for 2022. This free workshop, hosted by Hemraj Goyal Foundation, will take you through the process of looking at your hopes, dreams and desires.  This event will also teach you how to align them to create the life you and your family really want through setting clear and actionable goals. It takes place on Sunday 16th January, and you can book here.

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