In the Know: Techniques to help your child become a resourceful problem solver

In the Know: Techniques to help your child become a resourceful problem solver

Every parent would like to equip their child with the skills to face any type of situation. In this week’s newsletter, we found three opportunities that will help your child focus on their creativity, self-awareness, and critical thinking which will lay a strong foundation for resourcefulness and problem-solving. Read on to find out more.

Bright Ambitions Programme – Applications are now open!
This programme is designed to support young people between the ages of 13-16 that would like to get excellent grades at school, improve their leadership skills, and get into top-tier universities or apprenticeships. This programme will give your child access to 1-to-1 online tutoring and mentoring sessions, and access to great personal development courses! Applications close in the next few days, so be sure to get your application in soon.

Step into the world of self-discovery and success!
Selfish for Success is a not-to-be-missed podcast by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Steve Orma. During the podcast, he talks about why resourcefulness is crucial to be successful in life and what happens when you are not resourceful. This podcast will help your child become more proactive in taking measurable steps towards achieving their goals. The podcast is open to young people and their parents and you can stream or download it by clicking here.

Learn how to creatively solve problems.
Future Learn has an exciting free online course called, Using Creative Problem Solving, for young people aged 12-18. The course teaches young people how creativity can help to solve problems. Your child is encouraged to have fun with discussions and assignments included in this course. The duration of the course is four weeks, and they can start at any time and learn at their own pace. To register for the course click here.

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