In the Know – Speaking up to make a difference!

In the Know – Speaking up to make a difference!

For young people to make the most out of the academic and career opportunities available to them, they will need to be able to articulate their thoughts and present their ideas well. They will also need to be able to hold their own in a room full of people and engage well with others. Here are a few activities to help your child be confident when speaking and presenting their ideas to other people!

Speak Up: Find Your Voice, Change The World!

This workshop hosted by GT Scholars is open to young people from the ages of 11 to 16. Taking place on Saturday 22nd June from 10am-4pm at Goldsmiths University, your child will get to learn valuable public speaking and presentation skills. They will also find out how to apply their skills to play an active role in their communities and ultimately make a difference in the world! Tickets cost £12.50 and you can book them here. We hope to see you there! Tickets are still available and can be booked via the Eventbrite waiting list.

Practice Makes Perfect!

The best way to improve public speaking skills is to practice and we know just the app that can help young people! VirtualSpeech VR is an app that helps you practice your speaking by creating realistic environments through the use of photos, sounds, and an audience. It even offers interactive courses to help you prepare. Download the free app for Apple or Android here and get your child started today!

Youth Connect!

We Rise is hosting a YouthConnect event on Tuesday 9th July for young people 14 years old and up. This is a great way for your child to not only continue perfecting the art of public speaking, but also other important skills such as communication, brainstorming, and teamwork. Your child will also get to interact with professionals and industry experts. The event is free and will be taking place at 3Space International House. Find out more here. We do

GT Scholars is a not-for-profit social enterprise and registered charity. We run after-school and weekend programmes that help young people achieve their academic and career aspirations. Our programmes include tutoring, mentoring and enrichment sessions for young people aged 11-18. Contact us if you would like to know more about any of our programmes and courses.


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