In The Know: Skill-boosting opportunities for parents and young people!

In The Know: Skill-boosting opportunities for parents and young people!

Parenting can be really tricky! One of the biggest challenges is looking for new strategies and opportunities that can help your child be more prepared for life. This week, we’re bringing you three opportunities that will help give your child the boost they need to succeed!

Unlock your child’s inner Genius!
Join us on Thursday 3rd June at 7pm for a free online parent webinar. During this expert-led webinar, Giulia Remondino, MD of Genius in 21 Days Uk, will explain how you can unlock your child’s potential using personalised methods suited to their needs. If you’d like to tune in to this insightful webinar, click here.

Improve your study skills!
Future Learn has a 4-week free online course that will help your child improve their study skills and manage stress related to studying. Using the three-step model of previewing, summarising, and revising, your child will keep motivated while learning. This course is open to young people of all ages, and you can sign up here

Develop Coding Skills with Tinker Studios!
During this free online workshop for young people aged 8-15, your child will learn from award-winning tutors how to use programs to design a website. At the end of the workshop, they will leave with their own website and the skills needed to get a head start in the workplace. To sign up for this workshop on Saturday 5th June, click here

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