In The Know: Sign up for Scholarships this Summer!

In The Know: Sign up for Scholarships this Summer!

Have you been thinking of helping your child to apply for scholarships over the summer? We had a look to find out what scholarship opportunities are available for young people aged 11 and up. Pre-university scholarships are a great way to help your child develop essential study skills and prepare a good foundation in their field of interest. We found these three amazing scholarships that your child can apply for this Summer!

Apply for a Music Scholarship with Handel Music
North London Collegiate school has a number of music scholarships for girls aged 11+. The scholarship is worth £1,560 and is awarded to girls based on merit. In order to qualify, your child needs to play at least one instrument and pass the entrance exam which is followed by an audition. Applications need to be submitted by 20 November 2020. To find out more click here.

Get a scholarship with Arkwright Engineering
Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are for students who are currently in their GCSE year and plan on staying in school to complete their A levels in Maths. Before applying, find out if your school is partnered with the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme. If they are not, your teacher can complete the online school partnership form. A once-off registration fee of £40 is applicable and applications are due by December 2020. For more information click here.

Apply for a scholarship with Firetech to attend their Tech Camp
Fire Tech offers a fun, interactive, and challenging environment in which your child can flourish no matter their technical background. They offer online courses and holiday camps where they take your child through various technology courses. In order for you to apply for the scholarship you need to fill out the online form and your child needs to submit a video explaining why they would like to attend and how they believe they could use the knowledge and skills from Fire Tech Camp. To fill out the application click here

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