In the Know: Setting Goals for 2022!

In the Know: Setting Goals for 2022!

With the new year in full swing, we thought it would be great to share opportunities that’ll help your child set the pace for the year. We understand that goal setting for teens can be daunting, as young people have great ideas and dreams, but don’t yet have the experience of breaking down and organising a goal into steps. This week’s newsletter focuses on just that – helping your child to set and achieve their goals!

Review 2021 and set out 2022!
Positive Future Group is hosting a free online workshop for young people of all ages, to help them set achievable and exciting goals for 2022. In this workshop, your child will also get the opportunity to review their achievements for 2021. Before the session, your child needs to come up with 3 things they’d love to do this year and 2 things they learned about themselves last year! This exciting workshop takes place on Saturday 29th January, and you can book here

Enjoy a podcast and help pave the road for 2022!
Unstoppable Teen has a 20-minute podcast that you and your child can enjoy on your way to school! During this podcast, Kevin Mencher, teen success coach, will take your child through strategies that they can use to make 2022 their best year ever. Kevin shares steps 1 to 4 of The Ultimate Youth Lifestyle Strategy that he speaks about in his new book. He also offers a parent webinar that you can enjoy. If you’d like to listen to the podcast, click here!

Download an app to help you get a headstart this year!
Teen SMART Goals is an app for young people to manage the important goals in their lives. This simple and easy-to-use app, guides young people to define their goals, breaking them down into manageable activities, and focusing their efforts on deadlines and the end result. This app will help your child develop a growth mindset and avoid burnout. Parents sign up first, then connect their child’s account to activate the app. If you’d like to download this app, click here!

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