In the Know: Set the Road to your Dream Career!

In the Know: Set the Road to your Dream Career!

It’s almost the end of term and the long-awaited break is almost here! We hope you’re looking forward to it. This week we’ve lined up three events that will help your child focus on getting into University and look at the skills required to achieve their dream careers. If your child is in secondary school and is looking for opportunities to develop their future, read on to find out more!

Join our Free Parent Webinar: How to Pave Your Child’s Journey Into Oxbridge
Join us on Thursday 31st March at 7.30pm for our free online parent webinar. During this expert-led webinar, Joanna Baptista and James Bromfield, co-founders of Unipear, will explain how you can encourage your child to start thinking about Oxbridge. They’ll also be sharing expert advice to help you discover whether Oxbridge is right for you and your child and help you to understand the timeline for preparing and planning for Oxbridge. If you’d like to tune in to this insightful webinar, click here!

Spotlight on Employment and Young People
Learn more about the vital capabilities that young people need in order to be prepared for their next steps and for the world of employment. The group of young panellists will discuss opportunities and challenges around designing your own future and improving employability. The session is open to young people aged 16 and older ,and is hosted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. It takes place on Tuesday 3rd May, and you can register here

Learn more about Green Careers!
Founder4Schools is hosting a free online webinar for young people 11 and up to learn more about Green Careers. This is a great learning opportunity for young people to learn about different careers that save the planet, what they entail, the opportunities they can offer, and how to get there! The webinar takes place on Friday 22nd April, and you can join here

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