In the Know – Science, Technology and Gold!

In the Know – Science, Technology and Gold!

With less than two weeks until the school term starts, most young people will be feeling a little bit more restless! The activities in this week’s newsletter will help to keep them active and pique their curiosity. Take a look at these three interesting opportunities coming up in the next week.

Meet a scientist
The Francis Crick Institute in London is letting two of their scientists escape their labs and let young people know what lab life is really like. They will tell you all about what they do and demonstrate historical and modern day scientific equipment. This free event is open to young people of all ages and will allow them to experience science in a informal and fun setting. To find out more click here.                                                              

Design a monster
As a part of Apple’s Family camp initiative this August, Dejan Mitrovic, founder of Kidesign, is helping young people aged 8-12 to explore the basics of product design. At the Apple store in Regent Street in London, he will introduce them to the Densters, a collection of monsters with secret skills for building dens and forts. Young people put the principles learned during the day into practice and design a Denster of their own using iPad Pro and 3D design tool Tinkercad. Get all the details about this free event here.

Gold Rush
The museum at Bank of England is offering young people of all ages the opportunity to explore the museum and solve an age-old puzzle with the help of a mysterious map. The hunt begins at 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Bank of England’s bullion team will give interactive talks about gold before the Gold Rush begins. Get to the bottom of the mystery by navigating your way around the museum and solving the clues as you go to claim your reward! To find out more, click here.

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