In the Know: Raising your Teenager for Success!

In the Know: Raising your Teenager for Success!

As you raise your teenager, you may learn that teaching teenagers to communicate, be responsible and explore new ideas is an ongoing process. In this week’s newsletter we’re sharing with you new ways to learn how to encourage your teen to communicate, how to connect with them as a parent, and help them explore the world of coding in Python! Read on to find out more!

Discover how to Raise an Independent Teenager!
York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families is hosting a free online seminar for parents to learn how to help their teenager make the most out of their school years. The Triple P Teen Seminar will target everyday concerns, such as encouraging responsible and independent behaviour, learning healthy communication and improving family relationships. This seminar will take place on Wednesday 7th December, so be sure to sign up here.

Connect with your Teenager!
Terri Keay and Danielle Warren, clinical navigators, are presenting a webinar for parents to learn how to connect with their teenager. In this webinar you will also learn about your parenting style and how this influences your relationship with your teen. This insightful event will be held on Monday 12th December, so don’t forget to sign up here.

Learn how to Code Using Python!
Teach The Nation To Code is hosting a free coding workshop for young people of all ages to learn how to code using Python! In this interactive workshop, your child will learn the fundamentals of programming with Python and develop an understanding of basic problem solving with Python code. They will also gain an official QA certificate for completing the programme! Sign up for this event taking place on Saturday, 3rd December here.

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