In the Know: Opportunities to Spark an Interest in STEM

In the Know: Opportunities to Spark an Interest in STEM

We hope that your week has been going well! Has your child shown interest in coding or STEM? Or has history and archeology been piquing their interest lately? In this week’s newsletter, we’ll be exploring the Pyramids, learning about opportunities for women in STEM, and taking a hands-on approach to coding. Read on to find out more!

Discover the Wonders of Egypt!
World Virtual Tours is hosting a free online tour for young people of all ages to visit the monuments that made the history of the Egyptian civilisation. During this tour, you’ll be exploring the Great Pyramids of Egypt and The Sphinx. This tour will be taking place on Saturday 22nd October, and you can sign up here. 

Learn about Opportunities for Women in STEM!
Success at School is holding a webinar in partnership with PwC for female students and parents of those in Years 10 to 13. In this webinar, you’ll gain insight into the opportunities available for women in STEM at PwC, hear from inspiring female guest speakers and have your questions answered. This free online webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 19 October, and you can register here.

Join a Coding Workshop!
Grand Circus is holding a workshop for young people of all ages to learn about coding. During this workshop, you will be coding alongside your instructor, allowing you to learn on the go! Join this workshop on Tuesday 18 October, no coding experience required! You can sign up for this free online workshop here.

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