In the Know: Opportunities to set your child up for the future!

In the Know: Opportunities to set your child up for the future!

Planning your child’s future with them is an exciting time, and there is a world of possibilities to choose from. The challenge lies with finding the perfect fit, an opportunity that drives them, motivates them and upskills them to set them up for success. To support you in this journey, have a look at these three amazing work experience opportunities that will allow them to build new skills.  

Get into the Gaming Industry!
Into Games is hosting a free online Careers Fair for young people of all ages. The day will be filled with panel sessions to help guide your teen with practical advice on careers in the gaming industry. These sessions will also help connect your teen to the video game industry and discover current job opportunities. The event takes place on Thursday 29th July, and you can book your ticket here

Find out more about internships with Sony Music!
Sony Music’s internship programme offers your child a glimpse into the music industry. During this free event, your child will hear from three interns about their experiences of applying and landing their dream roles. It’s open to young people from year 12 onwards, and there will be a chance to participate in a live Q&A. The event takes place on Tuesday 13th July, and you can register here.

Join the Summer Vacation Scheme with ULaw!
This free online scheme is open to young people of all ages. The aim of the workshops, talks, and Q&A sessions are to help young people gain insights into life as a lawyer across a range of practice areas. This scheme will also help your child gain employability skills. The sessions will run from Monday 12 July to Friday 16 July. To book your ticket, click here

Special Offer for this weekend only – The Young Investor Course!
The Young Investor Course is starting next week Monday within the Success Academy and we have a special offer just for you! During this expert-led course, we’ll be teaching young people and their parents how to start investing in the financial markets – the sooner you learn the better!

The Young Investor course is one of our premium courses in the Success Academy. If you’re not a member of the Success Academy, you can purchase this course by using this special offer link!

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