In the Know: Opportunities to nurture your parent-teen relationship!

In the Know: Opportunities to nurture your parent-teen relationship!

Nurturing an open relationship with your teen can be a bit tricky at times! Especially because adolescence is a time for your child to embrace their identity and learn to be a little more independent. Have a look at these three opportunities to support you and your child with building strong foundations.

Learn how to get it right with online safety, gaming & social media!
Join us on Thursday 1st July at 7pm for a free expert-led webinar by Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, founder of In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies to help your child balance screen time with academic life & everyday responsibilities. To discover how you and your teen can enjoy the online world safely through establishing balance and boundaries, click here.     

Join a Live Naturecast with British Ecological Society!
In this free, family-friendly broadcast, you’ll take part in fun interactive activities, from wild art to pollinator encounters, that you can do at home or outside. During this live event, ecologists will take you through spectacular places around the UK. You’ll also have the chance to take part in a live Q&A session. The broadcast takes place on Thursday 3rd July, and you can book here.


Learn how medicines are made!
On Monday 21st June, Pfizer STEM ambassadors will take you on an inspiring journey to learn more about what’s involved in developing medicines. Your child will also have an opportunity to look at the importance of science in our everyday lives and explore careers related to Medicine. The event is open to young people of all ages and is free to attend. You can book your space here!

Free Assessment Tool: Find out Your Parent-Coaching Style!
Have you ever wondered what your natural coaching style is as a parent? Having the right tools and resources can help develop and nurture your relationship with your child giving them the added advantage for their future. Take the quiz to enhance your coaching style & discover new tools that you can use to help your teen excel.

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