In the Know: Opportunities to boost creativity!

In the Know: Opportunities to boost creativity!

School is back in full swing and the routine is settling in, so we thought we’d share some exciting opportunities to bring back the fun factor! This week, we’ll be sharing events to give your child the chance to get creative, help keep their minds active and encourage new ways of thinking and solving problems. Are you keen to help them get in on the learning fun? Read on to find out more!

Using art and music to showcase talent
Kakou is giving young people between the ages of 8-15 a unique opportunity to express themselves. This free workshop gives your child the chance to showcase their talents through music and the creative arts! And they’ll also get to explore how the environment and social culture are changing around them. This event takes place on Wednesday 22nd September, you can book here

Take up singing and songwriting lessons!
If your child is interested in singing and is between the ages of 11-16, this opportunity is not to be missed! R&B singer and songwriter, Luv`Rell, will be hosting free singing and songwriting lessons, where she will teach young people to create intricate harmonies and practice their vocal skills! These lessons will take place from Thursday 23rd September, and you can get your ticket here

Encourage scientific thinking
Aactivekidszone is hosting a free online workshop where your child will have the opportunity to make their own scientific instrument. During the workshop, your child will experience the concept of scientific thinking and conduct experiments using household articles, waste things, and low-cost materials. The workshop takes place on Sunday 26th September, and you can book your spot here.  

Application Deadline Extended for our online 1:1 Programmes!
We’re excited to let you know that applications have been extended for our 1:1 online Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes. Our scholars have been able to move up by 2-grade points within a year of being on one of our programmes eg. from a D-grade to a B-grade! The closing date for applications is Friday 24th September 2021. If you’d like to find out more or are interested in signing your child up for this term, book a call with the Scholar Success Team!


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