In the Know: Opportunities for the Summer Holiday!

In the Know: Opportunities for the Summer Holiday!

The summer holidays have already begun and we hope it’s been great so far! We’re excited to share a few fantastic events that will challenge your child to get creative while having tons of fun over the next few weeks! Whether your child enjoys reading, being creative or learning new skills, this week’s newsletter has something for everyone!

Start the summer holidays with a book!

Start With a Book offers a great free reading programme for students aged 6 and older over the summer, it’s called Reading Rockets! There are 24 topics and free downloadable activities and toolkits! Parents can also join in on the fun while helping their children to develop a love for reading! Explore the world of reading here!

Are you up for a creative challenge?

This free, month-long event, called the 30 Days Creative Challenge is perfect for all ages! It is hosted by Cygnini Crafts and starts on Sunday 1st of August 2021 at 12am. Once you sign up, they’ll send you videos, printable instructions and ideas to your inbox every day with prompts and creative tasks to do! If you would like to join, click here.

Join the Young, Free and Me summer fun

Proud To Be Me is hosting this free annual summer Bootcamp for ages 12-14. You can join in on 4 days of fun from Monday 9th August 2021 starting at 12pm to Thursday 12th August 2021. The topics that will be covered include increasing your self-esteem, learning about goal setting, and cooking fun! To register, click here.

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