In The Know : Online opportunities to help young people reach their goals!

In The Know : Online opportunities to help young people reach their goals!

With the busy schedules of both parents and young people, finding time to check things off on your to-lists can be quite challenging at times. Time management is an essential skill and in this week’s newsletter, we’ve listed three opportunities that can help your child plan and reach their goals. 

Learn about the Science of Goal Setting!
The Ollie Foundation is hosting an exciting workshop for parents and young people on Thursday 25 March 2021. The workshop will focus on how you can deal with potential obstacles while on your journey to reach your goals. It will explore the science of goal setting and the impact it has on resilience. Book your free ticket here

Build work and life skills!
Youth Employment UK has a series of online courses for young people aged 14-24. The course offers young people the opportunity to build valuable work and life skills with the help of experts and youth ambassadors. This course also opens the door to some great opportunities from youth-friendly employers and organisations. You can sign up for this free online course here.

Improve your time management skills!
Amazon has an incredible audiobook by Alice Byrne titled Time Management for Teenagers. This book has been written with young people in mind to teach them how to effectively manage their time. It can also be used as a comprehensive guide to help them build their time management skills. You can download your copy of this free audiobook here.

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