In the Know: Online Development Opportunities!

In the Know: Online Development Opportunities!

We hope you had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. This week we’re sharing three opportunities that you can share with your child that’ll help improve their employability and study skills. These free opportunities will offer your child the added advantage in school and the working world. If this sounds like just the right fit for you, read on to find out more!

Free Online Work Experience with Brit Insurance!
We’ve teamed up with Brit Insurance to launch digital challenges to attract more young people to careers in the insurance industry. Your child can complete the challenges in their own time and download their certificate when they’ve finished which they can add to their CV or personal statement. We’ve also got some amazing prizes up for grabs. Your child can win up to £3000 in prizes for themselves and their school,and be invited to a career insight day at the Brit insurance offices in central London (Travel expenses included!) If your child is between the ages of 11-18, please share this link to help get them started.  

Enrol in an online Skills Development Course!
Youth Employment UK is offering young people between the ages of 14 and 16 an opportunity to boost their life and work skills. During this free course your child will receive life hacks and pep talks and discover youth-friendly opportunities. Once you complete the course, you get a certificate that you can add to your cv. The course is ongoing, and you can sign up here

Improve and Develop your Study Skills!
Udemy has a free online course for young people of all ages to help improve and develop their study skills. During this course your child will learn how to enhance and optimise their cognitive performance and learn techniques that will improve their memory and recalling ability. They’ll also learn how to manage their time better. To sign up for this course, click here.


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