In the Know: Nurturing healthy young minds

In the Know: Nurturing healthy young minds

Have you been looking for opportunities to enhance your child’s mental well being? Having a healthy mindset gives young people the confidence to take on any challenge head-on and to persevere, even when the challenges get tough. With World Mental Health Day just around the corner, on 10 October, we decided to have a look at what opportunities there are for young people to learn more about mental health and well being.

Free parent webinar to put your mind at ease!
We will be hosting our free webinar for parents this month, and we’d like to accommodate as many parents as possible. We’ve set-up a poll to find out which topics within the finance category are the most in-demand by parents. Topics include teaching your child about finances, planning your finances and protecting your family, and planning for retirement as a parent. To take part in the poll and vote for your favorite topic please follow this link! We look forward to receiving your vote!

World Mental Health Day Festival 2020
Thrive LDN is hosting a free online festival on Saturday 10 October 2020. This year’s World Mental Health Day Festival programme is all about supporting young people in building resilience and promoting positive well-being. There will be various activities, workshops, and performances and a platform where young people can discuss their challenges faced during COVID-19. To register your attendance click here.

Join a Wellbeing Workshop!
The Rio Ferdinand Foundation is hosting weekly Wellbeing Workshops for young people aged 14 and up. The workshops are aimed at helping young people explore their emotional health and wellbeing, offering practical ways that they can support someone who is struggling and be inspired to support their mental wellbeing. The workshops start on Monday 5th October 2020, and are free to attend. To sign up click here.

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