In the Know: National Story-telling week

In the Know: National Story-telling week

Did you know that next week is National Storytelling week? There are so many benefits to storytelling. Storytelling can be a powerful tool for all ages, and gives us the chance to share stories to inspire and teach each other. In this week’s newsletter, we’ll be sharing events around storytelling and the details for our upcoming parent webinar. If you’d like to find out more, read on!

Free Parent webinar – How to Inspire Authentic Conversations with Your Teen
Join us on Thursday 10th February at 7:30pm for a free online parent webinar. During this expert-led webinar, Rosanna Sheehan, Primary Care Wellbeing Worker, will give parents the tools they need to overcome challenges while communicating with their teens. Parents will learn how to communicate better and how to navigate difficult conversations, leading to a more open communication space for both. If you’d like to tune in to this insightful webinar, click here.

Explore how books can inspire you!
The Reading Agency is hosting a free online session for young people aged 9-14. During this session, author Manon Steffan Ros will be discussing how books can inspire us, affect us, and keep us company. There will also be an opportunity to ask Manon any questions you may have about being an author and about her latest book, The Blue Book of Nebo. The session takes place on Tuesday 8th February, and you can sign up here.

Write your own inspirational story!
Designed4Success is hosting a free online session for young people of all ages. During this session, your child will explore how they can build stories that will engage and inspire people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They’ll also explore how stories can unite people around a common idea or purpose. These  sessions take place on Wednesday 16th February, and you can book here

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