In the Know: National Marine Week!

In the Know: National Marine Week!

Isn’t it fun to spend a day at the beach with the kids? We all deserve a beach day after this week’s extreme heat! As the tides turn between the 23rd of July and the 7th of August, National Marine Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate wildlife in the sea and our relationship with this incredible habitat.Our seas not only provide fun entertainment for the whole family but also provide oxygen for every breath you take. Read on for more info!

The Deadline has been Extended for the Online Digital Challenges!

The great news is that the submission deadlines have been extended! If your child has joined us on this journey and still needs to complete their challenges, they have until Wednesday 27th July to complete all 5 challenges. Pop them a reminder by sharing this link with them. Brit will be offering an amazing prize of £3000 for challenge winners and their schools or youth groups. Here is the link to help get them to complete the challenges before the deadline.  

Inspire the kids to do their part!

At the age of 11, Haaziq Kazi delivered his first TED Talk at TED-Ed Weekend and unveiled his prototype invention: a ship named Ervis that cleans plastic from the ocean surface. The homemade prototype he created in his bathtub has evolved into the Ervis Foundation, a coalition of young people mobilising their peers to clean our oceans. The work of Hazziq inspires all kids to do their part in conserving marine life. Click here to get inspired.

Free Downloadable Resources!

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has free downloadable resources for young people of all ages. The group aims to inspire people, especially children, to do their part in conserving marine life. Your child can find free educational resources on their website about marine, food chains, adaptations, and fossils. You can join the Living Seas After School Club if you are interested in doing more for the marine environment. To access these resources, click here.

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