In the Know: Learn how to Build Success!

In the Know: Learn how to Build Success!

We hope your week is going well. Have you been wanting to help build your child’s confidence and set them up for success? In this week’s newsletter, we’ll be learning how to have intention, how to use that intention to find an apprenticeship, and how to create success! Read on to find out more!


Discover how to have Intention in School!
18-year-old blog writer Basra Keynan speaks about the rising standards of education in this Tedx Talk. She shares unique ways to stay on top of these standards, and how to pursue your goals efficiently and with intention in school! You can watch this inspiring video here.

Learn about Apprenticeships!
All About STEM is holding a free online event in which they’ll be exploring what it means to do an apprenticeship as well as where to find apprenticeship opportunities. There will also be a Q&A, and digital resources will be sent after the event. This information-packed event will be on Wednesday 26 October, and you can register here.

Join the Success 101 Workshop!
The Success 101 workshop is a free online event to teach the fundamentals for success to teens while preparing them to create their own personal success plans. McNulty International will be hosting this event on Saturday 29 October, so be sure to register here to secure your place!

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