In the Know: Learn, Engage, Debate!

In the Know: Learn, Engage, Debate!

We’re in the last stretch towards the end of the academic year! For a great start to the second-half of the term, have a look at these three opportunities that’ll help set your child up for success! These opportunities will give your child the tools they need to build their confidence, make better decisions and help plan for their future. Read on to find out more.

Teach your child about wealth, finance & investing!
Join us tomorrow Saturday 12th June at 1pm for a free online parent webinar. During this expert-led webinar, Dr Aderemi Banjoko, Director of NextGenFL, will be explaining how you can guide your child when it comes to wealth and finance. You’ll also gain tools that you can use to introduce your child to investing. To book your spot, click here!

Engage in Goldsmiths University Creative Studio!
If your child is in Year 12 and is looking at a career in the creative industry, then Goldsmiths Creative Studio will be perfect for them. This free week-long virtual studio will host talks from Goldsmiths University students on their personal experiences, portfolio advice, and research. The studio will run from Monday 28th June to Thursday 1st July, and can register here

Take part in an online debate!
The Big Debate Club, by Smart School Councils, helps young people to take part in a fun, guided online debate. The debates are open to young people aged 6-14 and can be done at home or in class. There are many topics to choose from and your child can join 45,000 young people across England to debate about matters that are important to them. It’s free to participate and you can join here.  

Welcome to our new scholars joining us this term!
We’re pleased to welcome our new scholars and parents joining us this term. Please remember to read the parent handbook so you know how to make the most of your tutoring and mentoring sessions.

Check out our latest testimonial and spotlight interview!
We had the chance to chat with Jillian, a parent of one of our scholars, to understand her experience of the programme. During the interview, Jillian shares more about how the tutoring sessions boosted her son’s confidence in Maths, and how it helped him to stay focused on his studies. You can read the full interview here.

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