In The Know: It’s the summer for learning new skills!

In The Know: It’s the summer for learning new skills!

The summer break is here and most parents are busy putting a to-do list together to make sure their child has fun activities lined up. There are a lot of skill-building activities out there that you can add to your list. Here are 3 activities under £7 that will allow your child to get in touch with their creative side and perhaps even unlock a hidden talent! Read on to find out more

Become a master at drawing with Art at the Heart
Art at the Heart is hosting a Junior Masterclass for young people aged 7-14. In the session, your child will learn how to draw animals, realistically. The young artists will be taken through a step-by-step approach showing them how to capture character, movement, and textures. Your child can become an expert in using pencils and practice their creativity. The master class costs £6 and the next session starts on Thursday 6 August 2020. To book your ticket click here

Learn how to make Short Films with Music Relief Foundation
Music Relief Foundation is hosting a 5-day online film making course for young people aged 13-16. For just £5 your child will gain practical and technical skills in fiction filmmaking. They will learn how to develop story ideas, practice shooting, and editing techniques and explore cinematography. All they need is a camera(smartphone)and access to a computer or tablet for editing. The course starts on Monday 3 August 2020. To find out more click here

Pick up new kitchen skills with The Community Kitchen
The Community Kitchen is hosting online cooking sessions for young people aged 7 and up. Donations can be made from £3 and cover skills like safe knife use, safe boiling, baking, and frying, kneading, weighing, measuring, and spicing of vegetables. Before each session, you get a list of ingredients and equipment to assemble and all recipes are sent out after each session. The next session will be on Wednesday 19th August and your child will learn how to make sushi rolls! To book your session click here

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