In The Know: It’s British Science Week!

In The Know: It’s British Science Week!

It’s British Science Week! And what better time to celebrate and explore the world of STEM? Is your child interested in Science and how things work? This week we’ve listed 3 exciting opportunities to foster your child’s love for science and expand your child’s imagination by doing their own experiments, asking questions, or just by observing. All the workshops are free to attend and can be enjoyed with the family.

Take a tour of the Nobel Prize Factory!
Join MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology for a tour of their research institute that won 12 Nobel Prizes. You’ll get to see a live demonstration of science in action, ask questions to some of the scientists, and see a bit of what it’s like to work in a research lab. There will also be a quiz to test your knowledge. The event is aimed at young people of all ages and is free to attend. The virtual tour will start on Saturday March 27, and you can book your ticket here.

STEM opportunities for Young Women
The National Museum of Computing is hosting an online conference for young girls between the ages of 13-16 who are interested in a STEM career. This 1-day conference includes talks, interactive sessions, and quizzes. Each session will cover various topics such as STEM apprenticeships, Planning for your STEM Career, and Machine Learning. The conference will take place on Wednesday 24 March and is free to attend. You can get your ticket here.

Explore Meteorites and the Solar System!
Science O3 is hosting an online workshop for all young people aged 14 and up that are interested in all things space. They will be delving into Meteorites and answering all your questions. They will be looking into how Earth got its precious metals and whether or not Meteorites are just rocks from space. The free workshop will take place on Tuesday 9 March 2021. You can find out more about this event and how to book your ticket here.

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