In the Know: Insight and Experience for young people!

In the Know: Insight and Experience for young people!

In this week’s newsletter, we wanted to share a few opportunities for young people that will give them the chance to have an insight into the working world and how they can get a headstart on their future goals and aspirations. Read on for the full line-up, packed with not-to-be-missed opportunities.

Discover the GT Scholars Journey!
On Thursday 6th May, GT Scholars Founder Temi Kamson will be hosting a free pupil and parent info session. During the webinar, Temi will explain how the unique A.S.P.I.R.E ™ framework is used in the GT Scholars programmes to support young people. You’ll also learn how to implement this framework at home with your child. If you’d like to find out more, please register your attendance here!

Work Experience week at Microsoft!
Young people in year 9 and 10 across the UK will have the opportunity to get an insight into what early-in-career looks like with Microsoft. Young people will have the chance to hear from senior executives who will share their career stories and will also learn about what is needed academically to get into Microsoft. The week runs from Monday 10th to Friday 13th May 2021, and your child can sign up here.

Insight Day with Sir Robert McAlpine Engineering!
During this free session, your child will learn more about engineering and how much it affects our everyday life. The session is open to young people aged 14 and up and will allow them to ask questions about engineering and explore the world of technology and how it is used now. Applications close on Friday 21st May 2021, you can sign up here.

Bright Ambitions – Application deadline extended!
Quick reminder: The application deadline for the Bright Ambitions Programme has been extended to Saturday 15th May. This leading 12-week programme offers tutoring, mentoring and personal development courses for young people aged 13-16. If your child is looking at improving their grades and gaining leadership skills please register your interest here.

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