In The Know : Get a head start on your child’s future!

In The Know : Get a head start on your child’s future!

The new academic year is in full swing, and most kids are back to school. Whether you’re homeschooling or doing the all familiar school run, we’ve found great after-school programmes that you and your child can explore. These programmes can help your child improve their grades, allow them to develop new skills, and boost their confidence. Read on for more information about these programmes and free webinars for parents!

Free Webinar for Parents!
As you might already know, GT Scholars will be running free webinars for parents, and our next session is due to take place next month. To accommodate as many parents as possible please vote on the topic that would interest you the most by following this link to the poll.

Bright Ambitions Programme – Applications close today!
The Bright Ambitions Programme will officially start on Monday the 28th of September and we are very excited to start the new term! The programme is a great opportunity if you are looking to improve your child’s grades and help them develop their leadership skills. The programme includes one-to-one tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment sessions for young people aged 13-16. Applications close today, Friday 25th September. To register your interest click here.

Kick Start your dreams with Global Teenprenuer!
There is still time for young people to sign up for the Global Teenpreneur Challenge. Young people aged 13-17 can sign up for this year’s challenge. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn new entrepreneurial skills that will initiate innovative thinking and help them launch their own business online.  There are cash prizes up to £5000 up for grabs for winning teams! It’s not too late to join the challenge! To find out how your child can get started with their first challenge today, click here.

Dream and Think BIG using Vision Boards
Digilearning is hosting an online workshop where young people can learn how to better express their goals by utilising tools such as visualisation and manifestation! They will learn how to align their thoughts with their actions to express more in their life, so that we are truly able to achieve their dreams. The workshop will take place on Thursday 1st  October and is free to enter. To find out more about this workshop and how to register, click here.

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