In the Know: Fun Half Term Activities

In the Know: Fun Half Term Activities

The half-term break has finally arrived! I hope you’re ready for the much-deserved break. This week we’re sharing some exciting events that can keep your child engaged whilst having fun. Also, applications for our 1-1 programmes are now open. If you’re looking at giving your child the added advantage, read on to find out more!

Applications for our online 1:1 Programmes are open!
We’re excited to let you know that applications are open for our 1:1 online Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes. Our scholars have been able to move up by 2-grade points within a year of being on one of our programmes eg. from a D-grade to a B-grade equivalent! The closing date for applications is Friday 06th May 2022. If you’d like to find out more or are interested in signing your child up for this term, book a call with the Scholar Success Team!

Learn to make music with Three Discovery!
If your child likes making music, then this workshop will be great for them. During this workshop, your child will have the opportunity to learn about a new app called Garageband. The app will help promote your child’s creativity and give them a chance to make their own music. The workshop is open to young people aged 7-14 and takes place on Wednesday 13th April. You can sign up here

Discover how to create your own novel!
Arts Emergency is hosting a free online workshop for young people aged 16 and up. During this workshop, Holly Williams, author, and journalist will take you through the basics of creating and selling a novel. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions from someone who’s been there and done it in today’s market. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 13th April, and you can register here

We’ll be closed for Easter!
Just a reminder that our offices will be closed during the Easter holidays. So, we’ll be out of the office from Friday 8th April till Monday 11th April. We’ll be back on Tuesday 12th April. Have a great Easter!

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