In the Know: Fun Family Summer Activities!

In the Know: Fun Family Summer Activities!

The summer holidays are slowly drawing to a close with less than two weeks left until the new academic year kicks off. But there’s still some time to make the last two weeks of the school holiday memorable. In this week’s newsletter, we’re sharing three fun and interactive activities that will create the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Read on to find out more.

Explore more about the Sun!

Join Professor Robert Walsh from Lancashire University, as he explores how the sun produces its energy and what it is made of. There will also be an opportunity to comprehend its enormous size and scale, how you can safely observe its bright surface, and explore what it means to live close to a star. The webinar takes place on Tuesday 24th August and is free for the whole family to enjoy. To sign up, click here

Join a Draw Along!

Illustrator Laura Cuppage will be hosting a summer-inspired nature draw along. In this family session, you’ll be drawing summer blooms and fruits, and you’ll learn how to arrange your work into an attractive motif design. All you’ll need is paper, a pencil, a rubber and colouring pencils or pens. The free session takes place on Wednesday 25th August, and you can sign up here.

Get Creative with The Institute of Imagination!

In this free workshop, you and your family will take part in a creative session where you’ll build a microscope using a smartphone and microlenses from the comfort of your own home. You’ll then take a closer look at nature, and explore the amazing shapes, patterns, and colours you can see in the world around you. The workshop takes place on Monday 6th September. You can sign up here

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