In the Know: Fun Activities to kick start the new academic year!

In the Know: Fun Activities to kick start the new academic year!

We hope that you’ll enjoy the last bit of the summer holidays! With the new academic year kicking off on Monday, we’re sharing some great opportunities to help your child get a headstart on the new academic year by inspiring their innovative minds. These opportunities can help you and your child build some new skills whilst having fun doing it. Read on to find out more!

Draw all things autumn with Emer O’Leary Studios!
With autumn almost here, let your child unlock their inner Picasso by joining a free online art class. In this class, your child will learn to draw everything in autumn, from falling leaves to a cup of hot cocoa. All they need are some markers, plain paper, and a willingness to learn. The class takes place on Tuesday 7th September and is open to young people of all ages. You can sign up here

Take a Virtual Tour!
Join the Thames festival on a journey along the early Georgian river from Westminster to the Tower of London. During this free virtual tour, your family will encounter wharves, warehouses, water closets, and even a lost palace or two. It’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy and takes place on Wednesday 15th September and you can book your ticket here

Get Creative with VRAcedmi!
If your child is between the ages of 13 – 18 and enjoys creating movies, then this free online course will be great for them. In this course, your child will learn to integrate art and technology to make movies, develop fundamentals of art and visual storytelling and build their knowledge of editing videos. The course takes place on Wednesday 8th September, and you can get your ticket here


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