In the Know: Free Online Work Experience with Brit Insurance!

In the Know: Free Online Work Experience with Brit Insurance!

Have you ever wondered if your child has the skills required to be the best they can be when they enter the working world? Virtual work experience gives your child a unique opportunity to gain work experience in a company that they might not normally get access to. This week we’re sharing three opportunities that could help boost your child’s employability skills and give them an insight into the world of work. Read on to find out more!

Free Online Work Experience with Brit Insurance!
We’ve teamed up with Brit Insurance to launch digital challenges to attract more young people to careers in the insurance industry. Your child can complete the challenges in their own time and download their certificate when they’ve finished which they can add to their CV or personal statement. We’ve also got some amazing prizes up for grabs. Your child can win up to £3000 in prizes for themselves and their school,and be invited to a career insight day at the Brit insurance offices in central London (Travel expenses included!) If your child is between the ages of 11-18, please share this link to help get them started.  

Explore a Day in the Life at Deloitte!
Deloitte’s Career Shapers programme is designed for young people in years 10 through to 12 that’ll provide a day in the life at Deloitte. This free 2-3 day programme will cover leadership skills and tackle challenging client projects. It will also give your child an insight into the programmes at Deloitte. Applications close on 30th June, and you can apply here

Gain some Virtual Work Experience with Barclays!
Barclays LifeSkills is offering a free online work experience programme for young people aged 14-19. The programme includes online activities, five live sessions with Barclays employees, and project work. Your child will learn to identify their skills and develop a growth mindset for lifelong learning. Applications close on Wednesday 15th July, and you can register here.

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