In the Know: Express Yourself Through Coding!

In the Know: Express Yourself Through Coding!

We hope you’ve been well? With the world becoming more and more digital, young people of this generation are turning more towards careers in the tech space. Coding can give them a way to improve multiple skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Not to mention, they can code something that can truly allow them to express themselves! In this week’s newsletter, you’ll learn all about coding and the importance of creativity in your child’s life! Read on to find out more!

Code with Python!
Little Apple Academy is holding a free online workshop to teach young people aged 10 and above to learn programming in Python. Your child can build their coding skills by creating mini-projects that are challenging and fun! This workshop is taking place on Sunday 29th January, and you can join here, no coding experience required!

Learn All About Coding! offers free online resources for students who are interested in learning all about coding! From self-paced courses to videos introduced by incredible people in the tech industry, such as Bill Gates and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Take a dive into some of these courses to create your own programmes and games! Try it out here.

Express Yourself!
From age 4, Millie Page knew that she was different academically to her classmates. Growing up, she began to understand how her confidence could bloom from being expressive, and how it could also help her focus academically. Now, she is the UAE’s youngest produced musician, and she speaks in this TedTalk about the importance of creativity in teenagers’ lives.

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