In The Know: Exciting STEM activities for Young People

In The Know: Exciting STEM activities for Young People

We hope you had a good half-term break, and that you are ready and powered up to take on the new term! This week we have lined up 3 exciting activities for young people who are thinking about a career in STEM. These activities are fun, engaging, and stimulating and will get their innovative minds flowing. Read on to find out more.

#Day of Code
GT Scholars is hosting a free 2-day online workshop that will introduce young people, aged 11-16, to the world of coding. This event is made possible by the Meet and Code 2020 initiative, sponsored by SAP. Each young person will have the opportunity to design and develop their own mobile app! No previous experience is required as each young person will receive support from our facilitators and volunteers. The online workshop will run over 2 Saturdays, 14th and 21st November 2020, with the second day being a continuation of the first. You can book your tickets here.

Saturday STEM Spectacular
This online event will showcase many exciting STEM-based activities for the whole family. There will be 5 exciting sessions which include, an amazing lab tour that takes in plastic waste, exploration of the human body, and some experiments linked to diving and airplanes. The session also includes a panel discussion where they will look at what we can learn from the natural world. The event will take place Saturday 21st November and is free to attend. To register click here.

Festival of Geology: The Discovery Room
The Geologists Association is hosting a Virtual Festival on Saturday 7 November 2020. You will be able to virtually explore museums, attend a virtual field trip or tour, discover shops, and geology groups. There are also many exciting geology-themed activities for young people to try out. This year’s exciting Discovery Room will include a fascinating mix of Rockwatch activities, live Earth science-themed workshops, downloads, and more! It’s a family-friendly event that’s free to attend. You can book your ticket here

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