In the Know: Exciting Spring Half-Term Activities

In the Know: Exciting Spring Half-Term Activities

We hope you are as excited as us about the Spring Half-Term Break? It’s the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy a break from the usual routine while having some fun along the way! This week, we’ll be sharing three exciting activities to help you keep your child engaged! From painting to coding, read on to find out more about the exciting opportunities we have lined up!

Master your painting skills!
Shirley Brown Camblin Art is hosting a free, online painting workshop for young people aged 6-15. During this workshop, your child will have the opportunity to learn to draw an elephant. The workshop is designed to help promote self-confidence and build self-esteem in young people. This exciting event takes place on Sunday 20th February, and you can book your place here.

Learn more about Science with Cardiff Science Festival!
If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your child to science or want to further develop their natural curiosity, then Pocket Potions will be perfect for them! It’s aimed at engaging your child with some fun, at-home experiments. The workshop takes place on Sunday 20th February and is open to young people of all ages, and even parents can join in on the fun. You can register here.

Get your Girl into Coding!
Virtual Girls Into Coding are hosting their free, online coding workshops for young girls between the ages of 10-14. They’ll get the opportunity to choose from 1 of 4 exciting workshops, aimed at encouraging young girls to get into tech. They’ll also get to explore online coding activities, online robotics, and 3D Design. It takes place on Sunday 13th February, and you can sign your child up here.

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