In the Know:  Exciting Back to School Activities

In the Know: Exciting Back to School Activities

We hope you’ve had a great half-term break and are ready to get back into the new term? This week, we’ve got exciting events and activities that will help get your child back into the swing of things whilst having fun! These activities will encourage your child to explore their creative side, develop their imagination and boost their communication skills. If you’d like to find out more, read on!


Sign up for the GT Scholars Online November Careers Summit!
There’s only one week to go until our online Careers Summit! Don’t let your child miss out on a great opportunity to meet with and learn about careers and apprenticeships from professionals from a range of universities and corporate organisations such as PWC, Oxford University, BT, JP Morgan, EY, BRIT Insurance, and Blackrock bank! Our keynote speaker will be Lord Michael Hastings CBE. If you’d like your child to attend our summit on Saturday, 6th November, they can register here!

Learn to write an adventure story with Author Iryna Skibenko!
Is your child an explorer? Do they love adventure? Then they’ll love this Adventure Story Writing Session! This event will help your child learn how to structure an adventure story with prompts for writing the beginning, middle part, and the end. They’ll also learn about phrases to express a sequence of actions. The free session is open to young people aged 8 and up and takes place on Sunday, 31st October. To book your session, click here

Join an Online Lego Club!
Bean Learning is hosting a free, online Lego club for young people aged 5 and up! In this fun and engaging session, your child will have the opportunity to play, build and talk about Lego whilst sharing their creations and inspirations with each other. This session will also allow them to explore their imagination and creativity, design and engineering, and their social, emotional, and communication skills! They can join on Tuesday, 2nd November by booking here!

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