In the Know – Entrepreneur, Engineer or Director?

In the Know – Entrepreneur, Engineer or Director?

Did you know that fun activities can help young people identify their skills, strengths and what career they would like to pursue? They often don’t know if they’re interested in something unless they try it out. That is why this week, we have three great activities for young people to explore future careers!

Dragon’s Den Challenge
In order to give young people a taste of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, GT Scholars are hosting a Dragon’s Den Challenge based on the world-famous TV show. This FREE event for young people aged 11-16 explores the concept of entrepreneurship while imparting practical skills such as being creative, negotiating, communicating well and critical thinking. Book your tickets here.

Family Masterclass at the The Royal Institution
The Royal Institution is hosting a hands-on engineering workshop for families to design and construct a shelter. This workshop uses a hand operated STIXX machine will turn six sheets of newspaper into a solid structural rod which can be used to build your shelter. This will be a great test of the entire family’s engineering skills, design and creativity. To book tickets, click here.

TheatreCraft is a free careers event for young people aged 16-30 seeking an off-stage career in theatre. It is an ideal place to be for a unique glimpse into ‘behind the scenes’ careers like direction, stage management, producing, lighting and even designing. Theatre professionals will be on hand to provide tips and advice to young people considering this career path. To find out more, click here.

GT Scholars is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. We run after-school and weekend programmes that help young people achieve their academic and career aspirations. Our programmes include tutoring, mentoring and enrichment sessions for young people aged 11-18. Contact us if you would like to know more about any of our programmes and courses.

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