In the Know – Enjoy some Arts and Smarts!

In the Know – Enjoy some Arts and Smarts!

Do you want your young ones to explore their creative side and get more involved in the arts? Well, this week’s activities are all about sparking your child’s creativity! Creativity is essential as it stimulates your child’s curiosity and it encourages them to find unique solutions to challenges. Get involved in the activities below to help your child learn how to think outside the box!

Get Creative!
Coming up on Saturday 18th May, ArtFix presents a Day in the Life! This event will be jam-packed with a range of activities that will encourage your young ones to unleash their creative spirit! The day will include lots of interactive activities including photography workshops, exhibitions, colourful installations and performances. This free event is ideal for 11-16 year olds that want to have some creative fun. Find out more here.

Music Magic!
This exciting event at the Southbank Centre is a real treat for young people who are into classical music. Join one of the UK’s leading contemporary ensembles at this exciting Open Studio. On Saturday 18th May your 15 – 18 year olds will get to participate in a workshop with internationally recognised composer Michael Price, testing and developing new methods. The evening will be rounded off with an exhilarating performance from the orchestra. Tickets are £5. Find out more here.

Fun at the Film Festival!
As part of the Birkbeck Arts Week, on Monday 20th May your teens can join in on some film fun as they watch short films produced by the students from the Birkbeck University. There will be a variety of activities such as performances, spoken-word and discussions in addition to the films that will be showcased throughout the day. This free event is ideal for 15-18 year olds who are keen to find their feet in the film industry. Find out more here.

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