In the Know: Developing Problem-solving skills!

In the Know: Developing Problem-solving skills!

Have you ever wondered how you can help foster your child’s problem-solving skills? Perseverance and courage are important character strengths that we believe help children to develop the skills they need to tackle life’s challenges! This week, we’ll be sharing fun, educational activities that will encourage problem-solving and brainstorming, with the aim of helping young people to make sense of clues, and try different solutions on their path to problem-solving fun. Read on to find out what we’ve got lined up!

Learn to design and code apps with Microsoft!

In this free workshop, young people aged 13 and older will learn about apps and how to create them. They’ll get to brainstorm their app ideas and learn to code an app with App Lab! By the end of this workshop, your child will have learned coding fundamentals and understand what apps are and how coding relates to them. The workshop takes place on Friday 8th October, and you can book here

Learn how to make your own cartoon!

Udemy has a free online course for young people of all ages. In this course, your child will create 25 fun cartoon drawings, participate in activities that grow critical thinking skills, develop hand-eye coordination, encourage self-expression and apply the knowledge gained to create their own unique masterpiece. You can register for the course here.

Develop problem-solving skills with Figure This!

Figure This! is a free app for young people aged 11 and up, that uses math problems to help them understand real-world scenarios! These challenges cover topics from algebra and geometry to statistics and probability. This app can help your child to visualise math problems and gives them extra questions and reading suggestions to extend their learning! To sign up, click here

Applications for our online 1:1 Programmes close today!

This is your last chance to book your call with our team to find out more about our 1:1 Programmes. Our scholars have been able to move up by 2-grade points within a year of being on one of our programmes eg. from a D-grade to a B-grade! The closing date for applications is 24th September 2021. If you’d like to find out more or are interested in signing your child up for this term, book a call with the Scholar Success Team today!

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