In The Know: Develop Games, Create Designs, and Have Fun!

In The Know: Develop Games, Create Designs, and Have Fun!

Nowadays almost everything has some kind of online presence, whether it’s online education, online meetings or online events. The online world is booming and it’s here to stay. That means that technology is without a doubt becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Getting a headstart in the modern-day, digital world can give your child a competitive advantage in the long run. Have a look at these great opportunities that can develop your child’s tech skills.

Sharpen your designs with Tech
With Revitalise’s Tech 4 Teens event, your child can get a chance to develop designing and creative skills. The 3-day event will teach your child how to use their mobile devices for photo editing, video editing and graphic design! All that is needed is a smartphone and the free photo editing app, Snapseed. The event will be on the 11th, 19th & 26th February, from 6pm to 7pm. To register your place for this event, click here.

Learn about AI!
Firetechcamp will be running the Can a Computer Choose Your Clothes? Neural Networks in AI online course for young people aged 13-17. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn about and explore the world of AI. The course will cover how AI recognises numbers, texts, sounds and images. The course fee is £10 and will take place on Monday 8th February from 7pm – 8pm. You can register for the course here.

Put your Game making skills to the test!
YGD is hosting their 11th Annual BAFTA YGD competition, for young people between the age of, 10 and 18. Your child will have the chance to display their game-making abilities on platforms such as Scratch, Kodu or Flash. Entrance to this free competition is open, and the final entry date is Monday 15th March 2021. To register your child for this competition, click here.

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