In the Know – Create your world with STEM!

In the Know – Create your world with STEM!

The creative side of science, technology, engineering and maths is a fascinating topic for young people to explore. This week’s activities will allow them to interact with the creative side of STEM while also learning useful skills that they apply to their own creations. Don’t miss out!

Engineer your future
This week the Science Museum wants your child to be inspired to imagine and create their own world with their interactive engineering exhibitions. This event is aimed at developing your child’s problem-solving skills and giving your 11-15-year-olds an insight into what engineers do. This free interactive gallery will also let your child design, build and create! Find out more here.

Making Mang
This weekend’s digital workshop taking place at the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre is an ideal treat for young people that love comics and animation. Artistic young people will be able to improve their animation and digital skills and create their own manga comic at this free event. Find out more about this event ideal for 11-14-year-olds and book your child’s place here.

Virtual Playground
The Virtual Playground exhibition will be hosting an exciting day for young coders with their Kids Coding workshop. The workshop will include teaching your child how to make their own video game and learning the fundamentals of video game coding. This free event is ideal for young coders aged between 11-13 years old. It will be taking place at the Anise Gallery on Saturday 13th April – register your interest and find out more here.

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