In The Know – Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

In The Know – Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is dedicated to Child Mental Awareness and we wanted to share opportunities that parents and young people can do together. Spending quality time with your child helps nurture their physical, emotional, and social development. This week we have found three interesting online opportunities focussed on parents and young people.

Book your place at the GT Scholars Online Careers Summit 2021!
Our Online Careers Summit is almost here! This full-day event is taking place on Saturday 27 February 2021 and will cover Masterclasses and Panel Sessions from our team of professionals from companies such as Bain, Goldman Sachs and PWC. The Career Summit will help motivate your child and help prepare them for the future. The Summit is open to all young people aged 13-18 as well as their parents. If you haven’t booked your place yet, click here.

Join the Poetry and Art Workshop for Parents & Young People
In celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week, Jacqueline Gammon & Trevor Murphy, author, and illustrator, are offering a poetry and art workshop for children and their parents. Based on the book The A to Z of Heartfulness and, this free online workshop for children will include interactive poetry for a greater sense of wellbeing and the opportunity to design a character and write a poem. The workshop takes place on Saturday 6th February, and you can get your tickets here.

Get Creative with The King’s Observatory
The King’s Observatory is hosting a range of workshops giving families an opportunity to spend time together and develop new skills by having a go at arts and craft activities. You will also be able to discover how The King’s Observatory helped explore the universe and create your own constellation cube! The workshop takes place on Tuesday 16 February 2021 and costs £6 to attend. You can book your tickets here.

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