In the Know: Children’s Art Week!

In the Know: Children’s Art Week!

Children’s Art Week is held from Wednesday 29th to Tuesday 19th July. The activities give children and young people, together with their teachers, parents, and carers, the opportunity to participate in practical art activities with artists, makers and educators. In this week’s newsletter, we will be sharing three opportunities that will help your child explore and express their creativity! Read on to find out more!

Join The GT Scholars x Brit Insurance Digital Challenge for Young People

Young people in the UK will have a chance to showcase their skills and talents, by taking part in the GT Scholars x Brit Insurance Digital Challenge! These digital challenges have been designed to give pupils a chance to gain online work experience in the insurance industry, a growing field that is offering many opportunities for young people. Pupils will also gain a certificate once they complete all 5 challenges, and there are amazing prizes for challenge finalists and winners! If your child is between the ages of 11-18, please share this link to help get them started.  

Free Downloadable Resources!

Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education. These resources are fun for the family to enjoy and include links to their art activities that will inspire creativity. To access these resources, click here.

Sign up for a free Creative Class!

Nurture Store offers free online art lessons for young people of all ages! These art lessons are fun and an opportunity to learn a new skill, explore creativity and combine literacy, maths and science. The art lessons are split into different themes so you can find what’s right for your child and use simple art materials that you will likely already have in your craft supplies. To sign up for these classes, click here.

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