In the Know: Celebrating Black History Month

In the Know: Celebrating Black History Month

We’re heading into October, which is also Black History Month! That means it’s a great time for families and young people to learn, celebrate and share the importance of black history and culture. In this week’s newsletter, we’ve included amazing events that will give you and your family the opportunity to learn about Black History and celebrate the achievements of Black leaders that have helped shape the world!

Learn the ABC of Black History
Simon Education is hosting a four-week, online interactive course that gives families the opportunity to explore Black history. It includes a variety of interactive activities where your family can explore 250,000 years of Black history. The first module of this four week course is free for families and their children to attend. It starts on Sunday 3rd October, and you can register here

Explore the hidden Black History in London
In celebration of Black History month, EquiNet is hosting an event that will take you and your family through an insightful and interactive virtual walk through London to explore Black History. This tour gives families the opportunity to explore topics such as World War II, Ancient African civilizations, and science and invention. The session takes place on Thursday 14th October, you can join here

Discuss books and heroes for Black History Month
Lambeth Library is hosting a free, online book club for young people aged 8 and up. The session will focus on Black history, and your child will have the opportunity to talk about a historical figure, inventor, scientist, author, or someone they know personally that has inspired them. The book club takes place on Wednesday 27th October, and you can book here

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