In the Know : Celebrating Black History Month + BONUS Resource!

In the Know : Celebrating Black History Month + BONUS Resource!

This month we’re celebrating Black History! In this week’s newsletter, we’ve included some events to help you learn more about Black History and celebrate the achievements of Black leaders that have shaped the world! We’ve also added a FREE BONUS resource filled with opportunities for young people of Black heritage. Please feel free to share this with family and friends!

Free resource – BAME Scholarship and Opportunities in the UK!
We’re excited to share our latest free resources with you! The resource includes over 20 different scholarships, internships and work experience opportunities for young people of Black heritage or BAME backgrounds. The resources include opportunities for young people under 18 and young people aged 18 to 25. The free download is on the website – simply visit this page.

ONYX Youth Hub Black History Month
Our Narratives Yet Explained (ONYX) hub is hosting a free online event for young people aged 11 and up on Saturday 10 October. The event aims to promote knowledge and understanding of Black History and culture amongst young people, and also celebrates the contributions made by Black people to the cultural and economic development of the UK. To register click here.

VIRTUAL Black History Children Workshop: Malcolm X
Black History Studies has an online workshop for young people aged 8-16 years old. This workshop will inspire young people to learn about great leaders and liberators who contributed to world history. On Sunday 11 October 2020, they will explore the life and legacy of Malcolm X. The workshop is interactive and will be held on Zoom. Tickets cost £5.00 and can be purchased here.

1000 Black Boys – October 2020
1000 Black Boys will be hosting a 2-day conference to inspire and empower Black boys aged 10 and up. This free event will take place on the 23rd and 24th October, and will include inspirational speakers, coaches, and mentors who are passionate about making a difference in the Black Community. Their aim is to give them inspiration, hope, and post-event support. To register click here.

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