In the Know: Building Skills at Home

In the Know: Building Skills at Home

How are you doing? We’re so excited about this week’s newsletter because we’ve got great skill-building resources for your child to enjoy at home. And since the world is always changing, we believe that helping your child to foster and develop new skills in different areas gives them a great advantage! It’s also great fun. Read on to find out more!

Have fun learning all about coding with Microsoft MakeCode!

You might have heard of Minecraft before because it’s so popular. This game is great to help your child learn basic coding skills! MS MakeCode offers an amazing free Minecraft coding tutorial for all ages. It gives three coding options including box coding for beginners, and Python or Java coding for more challenging coding tasks. To start your tutorial click here.

Join in on innovating for the future with science

If your child is a science lover and enjoys exploring the natural world, then they’ll love these resources from Science Trek. There are so many topics to choose from, each offering free games, videos and more interactive activities. You can also join in the fun while helping your child explore the world of science! You can access all these free resources, here.

Explore 3D virtual and interactive tours

This free interactive tour will give your child the chance to travel virtually around the world exploring arts and culture. Through laser scanning technology and multimedia, the V21 Artspace gives you free access to experience real-time art, culture, museums, exhibitions and galleries all in 3D! This activity is great for the whole family! To start your virtual tour, click here.

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