In The Know: Bright Ambitions Programme – Applications are now open!

In The Know: Bright Ambitions Programme – Applications are now open!

How are you? I hope well? It’s hard to believe that this week is almost at its end and that December is only a few days away! With this week’s newsletter, I’d like to share a few opportunities with you that focus on helping young people reach their academic goals, teaching them about careers and giving them an opportunity to develop their creative thinking skills. Read on to find out more.

Bright Ambitions Programme – Applications are now open!
If your child is between the ages of 13-16, and would like to get excellent grades at school, improve their leadership skills, and get into top-tier universities or apprenticeships, then you should look into the Bright Ambitions Programme by GT Scholars. This programme will give your child access to 1-to-1 online tutoring and mentoring sessions, and access to great online courses! Please note that applications will close on Monday 14th December, so be sure to register your interest early by clicking here.

Visit the Virtual Future Heroes Expo!
The 2020 Virtual Future Heroes career expo, will display a wide range of different career options available within the health and social care sectors. Through a week-long series of webinars, this expo aims to help young people bridge the gap between what they enjoy doing, and what they could potentially do as a career. The event is free to join and will take place on Monday 7th December 2020. Young people aged 13 and up can ask their school to register for the event here.

Become Creative with Digital Superpower
In this free workshop, young people will learn how to get creative and use the creativity within their minds. This workshop is interactive and engaging, building healthy foundations from which students can further develop their creative skills. The workshop will create a lively and fun atmosphere in which to learn through activities, participation, and discussion. It’s open to young people from the age of 13. To register your attendance, click here.

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